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Contacting Daniloff Law Firm

You can contact Daniloff Law Firm (DLF) in the following ways:

1. Call (503) 867-9113 number during regular business hours to discuss your legal matter.

We will have a phone consultation to evaluate your legal situation and to propose available solutions and/or course of actions. If you wish and/or if it is necessary, we will schedule a meeting with you in our office to review documents and materials related to your legal matter. All such phone consultations and meetings are completely free of charge.

2. Send an email to or use the form on the right to describe your legal matter

Please be as descriptive of your legal situation as possible. It will help us greatly to evaluate it properly and to propose legal solutions and/or necessary course of actions. We will respond to you within 24 hours and our evaluation, legal advice and/or proposed course of actions will not cost you anything.

3. Text your message to (503) 867-9113 number.

Please do not forget to include your name and preferably email address in your text message. We will respond to you as soon as possible and try to schedule a phone call and/or meeting with you at your convenience. As it was stated above, such phone consultations and/or meetings are completely free of charge.

4. Fax your message and/or documents to (503) 469-8818 number.

It is becoming less common nowadays to use fax machines to transmit messages and information. However, this old school method of communication is more secure than emails, text messages and phone calls. Please include in the fax message your name, contact information and your preferred way for us to get in touch with you.

5. Mail your letter, correspondence or package to Daniloff Law Firm 4130 SW 117th Avenue, #267, Beaverton, OR 97005.

This is a secure, monitored and staff attended mailbox which accepts all types of correspondence and packages.