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Our Law Practice

Daniloff Law Firm (DLF) follows the following principles in its practice of law:

1. Client-Centered Multi-Specialty Law Practice in the State of Oregon.

DLF business focuses on and revolves around clients' needs in the areas of law and legal problems encountered by average individuals during their lifetimes. DLF represents and helps its clients on the federal and state levels, in the areas of law ranging from bankruptcy, tax and immigration to family, juvenile, civil, criminal, business and contracts, personal injuries, probate and estate. Currently, DLF practices law only in the State of Oregon, but in the future it may expand its legal practice into other states of the Union.

2. Innovative Approach to Legal Engineering and Proven Practical Methods.

DLF employs legal engineering and proven practical methods in resolving clients' legal problems. DLF optimizes existing legal processes and procedures using modern technology, which makes its practice of law more efficient and allows to create new legal products, services and solutions closely tailored to the specific needs of its clients. DLF handles every client's matter like a process of designing, assembling, verifying and deploying a legal product. The client specifies main parameters and the desired outcome for their legal matter at hand. DLF engineers and controls the entire legal process by employing applicable statutory laws, case law, legal procedures, filing proper court documents, negotiating and settling with the opposing parity and, if necessary, arbitrating or litigating such matter in court. If there is a need to resolve more complex legal problems in multiple areas of law, DLF forms and manages a Temporary Assignment Group (TAG) of attorneys, proficient and specializing in the required legal fields of expertise. TAG of attorneys provides all necessary legal experience and flexibility to resolve most complex legal matters. Over all, DLF's innovative approach to the practice of law makes the outcome of every legal matter more predictable, controllable and less costly for the clients.

3. Free Consultations and Communications.

DLF does not charge its prospective clients for the consultations to evaluate their initial legal matters and to propose available solutions and/or course of actions. DLF's existing clients enjoy completely free of charge legal consultations and client-lawyer communications, unless they involve extensive legal research, document preparation or time consuming analysis of the matter at hand.

4. Conventional and Flexible Value-Based Legal Fees and Pricing Models.

In addition to conventional hourly, flat and contingent fee models, DLF employs value-based pricing model for its legal services and case budgeting. DLF value-based pricing model takes into consideration the legal matter's type, value, jurisdiction and venue, efforts and risks involved. This approach significantly reduces total legal costs, makes clients' legal expenses more predictable and DLF legal services more affordable.

5. No Overhead Costs at Clients' Expense.

In order to run its legal practice, DLF does not pay any software and/or hardware license fees or subscribed to any third party legal support service providers. All DLF business infrastructure is based on free Linux operating system, Open Source applications and DLF's own in-house developed case management software, relational databases, servers and data storage clusters, all of which results in much lower business expenses and legal fees for the clients.

6. Continuous Representation and Legal Services.

DLF provides continuous lifetime representation and legal services to its existing clients based on "once a client, always a client" concept. Once the initial legal matter was resolved to the client's satisfaction, DLF does not disengage the client, unless desired otherwise or there is a conflict of interest, but instead DLF switches to a stand-by mode and always ready to immediately provide its representation and/or service should a new legal matter arise.

7. Keeping Clients Informed and Involved.

DLF keeps its clients informed and involved in all their legal matters from beginning to end. Clients may choose to become paralegals in their own legal matters under DLF provided legal training and instructions, which will significantly lower their legal fees.

This site is constantly under development. New pages, content, services and features will be added as Daniloff Law Firm progresses in its practice of law.